Not Just a Lumber Company, But A Community

About Us – Charles Ingram Lumber Co.

Charles Ingram Lumber Co. is a family owned sawmill located in Effingham, South Carolina. We are located just east of Florence, South Carolina. Effingham is as much a state of mind as a specific location.

This company originated in 1931 as the Bynum – Ingram Lumber Company. It became Charles Ingram Lumber Company in 1945. The third generation of the Ingram family is now represented in the management of the company.

We own timberland where we grow trees for pulpwood and saw timber. We have an active hunt lease program on our timberlands and recognize the recreational value of these lands. We also own and operate a lumber mill which can now produce approximately 120 million board feet of Southern Yellow Pine annually. As a part of this production we also have a mill at our site to process pulpwood into lumber. We produce dimension lumber (2 X 4, 2 X 6, 2 X 8 and 2 X 10), timbers (4 X 4, 4 X 6, and 6 X 6) boards (1 X 4 and 1 X 6), radius edge decking (5/4 X 6), and various other specialized products. Our lumber is graded under rules published by the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau who also inspect our mill to insure we maintain our quality standards.

We sell chips to area paper mills. Most of our sawdust is used internally to provide heat for our dry kilns. When we have excess sawdust it is sold to a local paper mill for their energy production. Our shavings are sold to poultry houses as bedding, some to horse owners, and the remainder to local MDF plants. A portion of our bark is processed into potting media and sold to area nurseries. The remainder of the bark is sold to other bark processors or to a local paper mill for their energy production. Our lumber is sold mainly in the southeastern United States.

We take pride in managing our timberlands for sustainable production of timber and as a home for wildlife. We have been producing lumber here since 1931 and have made a significant investment in the future of our mill based on the sustainable productivity of our land and our neighbors. The trees which supply our mill are grown within a 75 mile radius of the mill.

We support responsible logging and compliance with BMPs. Our by-products customers require us to certify that all of our wood products suppliers are SFI trained. We also participate in the BMP program of the South Carolina Forestry Commission.


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